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In an increasingly busy world, all of us have so much information to absorb and process, and taking notes to look at later can be difficult to master as things go by so fast. With VRS Digital you can revolutionise the way you store, process and record your day’s events with the latest digital voice recorders, transcription equipment, and software from Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Eliminating the need for pen and paper or even a laptop, digital voice recorders pack in a high degree of sophistication, far more than conventional analogue tape recorders. Browse through our collection of digital voice recorders and click through to the features that each one boasts. For example – the range of Olympus voice recorders includes file encryption for security, the ability to organise your voice clips with annotations and sub folders, plus smart editing and very long battery life. With no moving parts, battery consumption on Olympus voice recorders is low and their versatile connectivity means you can download your recordings to your PC quickly and easily.
Choose from Phillips, Sony and Olympus voice recorders and you’ll find we have the leading models at very competitive prices, enabling you ditch your old analogue model for one of our latest digital voice recorders with hundreds of hours of capacity.
From voice recording to final transcription – at VRS Digital we have affordable solutions for your transcription needs, from foot-pedal operated transcription machines to the latest software from Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Taking advantage of the latest developments in voice recognition, Dragon Naturally Speaking combines ease of use with some of the most powerful recognition software available today. Dictate directly or input your pre-recorded files from your digital voice recorders and you get up to 99% accuracy, with speeds around three times the speed of a normal typist. Dragon Naturally Speaking leads the way in cost-effective voice recognition software, and we have a range of Dragon Naturally Speaking products to meet your needs and budget.
Browse our site and buy now, or visit our Contact page for more information on any of our digital voice recorders or transcription solutions, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.